Leydys Cleaning 

Professional cleaning contractor in London

Builders Clean
After the completion of construction or repairs, it is always full of dust. Also often stains after paints. Our service brings the freshly finished building to a clean state in a short time and without much financial overhead

Builders Clean Checklist

- All protection must be removed from kitchen units; units should be vacuumed and wiped down;
- Tiles to be cleaned to remove dirt and grout;
All protection to be removed from floors. Vinyl and tile finish floors to be mopped throughout.
Carpets  to be vacuumed (including finishes to core floors and stairwells);
Prefinished timber front entrance doorsets, slatted shelving, boilers/ cylinders and associated      pipework in airing cupboards to be wiped clean; 
- All bathroom protection to be removed and sanitary ware cleaned; 
All tiling to be cleaned and polished; 
All protection to be removed from glass and frames of doors and windows including all drainage channels, tracks and wiped clean;
Mop all plant room floors with finished screed.