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Leydys Cleaning Ltd 

Professional cleaning service in London


By one time cleaning up mean sending one or more cleaners in the destination determined by the contracting authority.

One off deep cleaning includes:

- Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms,

- Vacuuming and mopping the floor (carpet and wooded)

- Polishing cabinets,

- Dusting and polishing furniture,

- Removal of spider webs,

- Wiping windowsills and fireplaces,

- Cleaning microwave and refrigerators

- Cleaning mirrors.

- Cleaning windows inside,

- Cleaning oven inside

- Cleaning walls.

One off cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning the apartment including your window cleaning , cleaning under beds, cabinets and all possible space to clean. For cleaning refrigerators and cookers spaces which is a extra charge to negotiate.

Depending on customer needs We are able to provide cleaning equipment.

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